Roasted Poha Namkeen

Roasted Poha Namkeen

Poha commonly known as Chura, is rice which is flattened into flat, light, dry flakes originating from the Indian subcontinent.

Roasted poha namkeen is a snack recipe made by roasting poha/chura with few spices and nuts. It's very light and yummy snack. You can also store it in an air-tight container and can enjoy it later.

It goes very well with Indian tea (chai).

  Recipe Servings: -
  Cooking time: 20 Minutes


  • Flattened Rice (thin poha) - 3 cups
  • Chana Dal (Split Bengal gram) - 2 tbsp
  • Peanuts - 1/2 cup
  • Curry Leaves - 8-10
  • Dried Coconut slices - 1 tbsp
  • Green Chillies (finely chopped) - 2
  • Turmeric Powder - 1/2 tsp
  • Mustard Seeds - 1/2 tsp
  • Sugar - 1 tsp
  • Salt - to taste
  • Oil - 2 tbsp


  • Heat oil in a heavy bottom pan. Add mustard seeds to it. Let them pop.

  • Now add finely chopped green chillies and curry leaves. Sauté on a medium flame till they gets crispy. Stir in between.

  • Then add peanuts, coconut slices and chana dal (split bengal gram). Sauté them till they become light brown and crispy. Stir occasionally so that they won't burn.

  • Now add turmeric powder and salt and mix well.

  • Add thin poha (flattened rice) into it. Roast it on a medium flame till poha gets crispy and crunchy. Stir continuously. It will take 4-5 minutes.

  • Once it gets cooked add sugar and mix well. Cook for a minute. Stir continuously.

  • Let the poha namkeen to cool down. Once its gets completely cool you can enjoy it as such or with Indian tea.

  • You may also store it in a clean air tight container for upto 1 week.