Few Words About Us

We love food and love to try out new and different dishes. Our love encourages us to experiment with the food. Our experiments may not be always successful at first, but that inspires us to keep going till we get delicious results.

We have never been to any culinary school. Our cooking is inspired by our families, friends, some online help and especially from our parents. Here is our sincere attempt of taking forward our learnings from our parents to the next level by adding our touch.

Hope you guys help us in our journey by trying out our dishes and making them yours by adding your own magic touch.

We will be happy if you will share your experience and feedback with us.

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Cooking is an art to make yourself and your near dear ones happy.

Love towards food makes cooking special.

We would love to hear from you. Your Feedback is important to us. Please write to us with your valuable thoughts, suggestions and comments.